Thursday, December 31, 2009

R.I.P grandpa 1920-2009

It hurts when i knew i would never see you again;
It hurts when i knew that you would never make it to my wedding..
It hurts when i couldn't attend your funeral even though am not far away...
But grandpa, i wont cry cause i knew that someday...someday You would leave us here with the memories and the most importantly the joys you've given to us.
We love you!
Grandpa, I love you deep deeply...
R.I.P grandpa. :)

Wishing you a happy new year 2010

Happy new year 2010...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry X'mas

Merry x'mas to all... May the peace be with us!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nokia E90 communicator and Jabra BT530 bluetooh headset

From my experience, i would not recommend E90 owner to have this combination.

I bought one few months back and i would say it's a crappy combination. The handset failed to communicate with the headset in the right way. Sometimes, it's fine but after few calls, there's hissing sound and the quality is bad. I've upgraded the handset firmware to the latest v400x but the problem still occured.

I'm not sure it's the problem of the handset or the headset. My advice is just avoid this combination.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My point of view regarding environmental protection

To me, protecting the environment, it's not one country job; it's not one community job; it's not a group of person who gather together and try to make everybody aware of how to protect the environment. It's a global issue and it's supposed to be done long ago by the human kind. The thing needed to be done's not the above, but we, the whole human kind, need to STOP WHATEVER WE ARE DOING NOW! AT THIS MOMENT! But dont think we can do that. So be it...

I appreciate what the people had done but i'm just hesitated to join them because i, myself, not an environmental friendly kind of human being. I travel at least 190km by car from my home to my office everyday just to make a living. The reason behind this's i wanna see my parents everyday, staying with them and know them more.

Sometimes, i think i should be able to do something, maybe turn off the air conditioning while traveling, but there's something that stopped me from doing that, the polution created by the old trucks along the journey. I have a choice no doubt. My choice's protect myself or protect the environment. This is the hardest decision.

A chain reaction~ the environment issue is. To me, what can stop it? Nature! A 'reset' of the ecological system. It's like you are pressing the reset button in your computer system. After a reset, things might not be the same anymore or sometimes, if we are lucky, things recovered back to their innocence.

Maybe you might have better ideas. Do comments~ :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Have you talked to your parents for at least 10 minutes daily?

To be frank, this is a painful question when asked... Especially when something's happening to your parents.

Statistics showed that, around this area, the daily average talking time between sons or daughters to their parents is less than 5 minutes.

If you are part of this statistic, please do something now!

My suggestions are as below:
1. Just talk to them;
2. From the talking session, get to know what's going on around them.
3. Listen and then give proper feedback.
4. Questions, questions, questions for more detail.
5. If they are not willing to talk to you.. Hey they're your parents, how could you let that happen? Find out why!
6. If they are too busy to talk to you, tell them that you love them!
7. If they dont buy whatever up there, kiss/hug them every morning until they buy it.
8. ...

I think you got the idea :P

May you have a very nice session talking to your parents.

Always! They are your parents;
Always! You are their son/daughter!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


R.I.P to my cousin.

You were the 1 who made me knew you least;
You were the 1 who made me in doubt;
You were the 1 who made me wondered;
You were the 1 who made me care less;
You were the 1 who made me keep my distance from you...

There's nothing much i could say... But i pray..while i pray.. Pray that you will rest in peace in the new land... 堂哥,路上走好..安息!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

孙子兵法 - 作战篇







Monday, August 31, 2009

Chinese tea for flu prevention

夏枯草 40g
蛇舌草 40g
白矛根 40g
半支连 20g
大青叶 20g
甘草片 20g
金银花 20g
板当根 20g
白菊花 20g

3 liters for 2 hours; 2 - 4 times a week.

Print it & bring it to a Chinese herbal shop for further instruction.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running out of topic? DSNT!

Days back, sis asked me what if i'm running out of topic with my girl? She asked this because sometimes being alone with her hubby in the car,they didnt talk much or both of them not or stop talking to each others.

Angel asked me about it few days back too, i mean days before sis asked. He did mention that at some point or years later couples just stop talking. What to do with it?

The other day, i asked my girl, what if we have ran out of topic and not talking to each others? My girl responded, sometimes silence doesnt mean not communicating.

If i remember correctly i read a book from Dr John Gray on 'Mars and Venus on a Date'. Dr John did mention it's actually the differences make the couple together. They are different in a sense but complementary in other sense. That's why he claimed 'Men are from Mars;Women are from Venus.'

From what've stated above, i would think that the root cause is mostly because in a long run, couples might be too comfortable to the situation they have been in. They do what they like ie. i do what i like and you do what you like... It's a routine for them to do what they,each others, like. In a sense, they've stopped communicating in the right way.

If you've encountered this kind of situation, try this -> just "Do Something New Together(DSNT)". Something new means both of you have never try it before. Things that're Totally new to both of you. Hobbies will be the best choice! Thru the process, you will find the differences and complements;furthermore, you've got a new topic to talk to.

Try it and you will never know. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's the most painful thing...

About ten years back, i asked my taiwanese friend, wu. What's the most painful thing for him in his life? He told me that it will be any negative things happened to his mum. He answered this because his mum who was in taiwan wasnt feeling well at that time and he's worried about her.

I agreed with him right away... Because i was home sick and was missing my mum so badly. Today, on my way home, sis called me and told me that father and aunt're fetching mum to hospital for checkup.. Advised by the doc next door.

If you ask me now, what's the most painful thing in my life.. That will be any negative things happened to my mum.

Hope things come out fine with my mum...if i am granted with one wish..that would be it. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

孙子兵法 - 始计篇 #3



The best business ever..

What do you think is the best business in the world?
To me, i would think (if and only if i'm a businessman) it's as below:

1. Create a 'trouble' for the so call 'customers' where they would need to deal with that 'trouble' everyday;

2. Make those 'customers' to pay for the trouble created.

3. Create another so called 'convenient way' for the payment with additional charges; else if you wanna pay, please wait.

4. Create another so called 'temporary solution' to the trouble when everybody's not very happy with the trouble.

5. Sometimes when in good mood, give some rewards or discounts to 'patronize' them.

No? Believe it or not? It's happening in the world i'm living in...


Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Math Equation

Very simple equation :

X's very into driving his car in high speed. Sometimes he drove 140mph.

Y makes car. He got many car models which could reach 200mph easily.

X bought a high speed car from Y. Came with the car, four tyres made by Z.

X drove that high speed car in high speed and crashed. X died.

Analyst found that the root cause was because of the tyres.

Y decided to switch to some other tyres and compensated X.

Z recalled back all the troubled tyres and compensated X.

X is now six feet under.

Pity him~ ;P

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

孙子兵法 - 始计篇 #2


Monday, August 3, 2009

Little miracles

After what had happened, to me, 'miracles happen to those who believe in it'. A week before summer 1999, i crashed my 1988 Subaru XT6 into the back of a 1998 Toyota Camry. The Camry was lifted caused by the impact. That funny guy wanted 800 bucks for the scratches and transportation fees. I told him why not he rents a helicopter so that he can claim more?

Ok. The main point is not that. After finished dealing with him, i took my car to the workshop for repair. They quoted 25 hundreds. Yiks, i bought this car for 27 hundreds two years ago. Struggling financially... Might just forget about it. Luckily, i still be able to drive it home without problem which after that the engine wont start anymore.

Since leaving the country for summer holiday (back to my home country), i decided to deal with it after i came back from holiday... That would be 3 months later. 1, 2, and 3... Back in the states... Still struggling to get money to repair it... No transportation.. No fun.. No mood.. Totally stucked in the limbo.

One 'lousy' afternoon....

'knock, knock, knock'

Man: hello!

Myself: ya? What's up?

Man: is that your car? (pointed his finger to my subaru)

Myself: ya why?

Man: We just finished repairing the car next door. We're just wondering if you would like to fix yours too?

Myself: oh ya? How much would you be charging?

Man: Let me see.. Hmmm 300 bucks...

Myself: hmm... Ok...

Man: give us 30 mins...

Myself: hmm.. I give you 400 bucks and an hour plus two beers to fix it.

Man: will have to repaint it yourself.

Myself: ok.. Frankly, i was stucked with this situation. It's amazing that it's ok now.

Man: God'd put us together. You need your car fixed; We need the money! :)

Miracles do happen...i was once not believe hard enough and now i do.. I do believe... 'They' exists if you believe hard enough...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Two to three weeks ago, wherever i went, i saw this number, 6838. It's crazy to me that why everywhere i went i saw this number... Isn't it?

To me, there must be something about this number... I tried to find out. 1st thing popped out from my mind might be a winning 4D lottery draw (Gosh~ never notice i am such a positive thinker.) I bet it almost every draw since then... Ended up losing money. Haha... Then i think hahaha.. It's fate.. The purpose of this number is to make me lost money in 4D lottery draw. Ok never mind, the loss was still under my calculated risk.

Argh, but the situation didnt get any better... I saw this number everywhere i go.. It seriosuly bothering me... What should i do?

Angel! Angel might know why... Consulted him, he told me this number has something to do with water... Something related to water which is yet to be completed. 1st thing, popped out my mind was the wall painting and it's yet to be completed. That might be it.

Two days later, got home from work, mum told me that the water utility bill's way too much compares to normal. They found out that, there's water leaking under ground. Eh... I think that's the meaning of 6838.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Angel

Let's talk about my friend who's very into astrology. I give him a nickname, angel. I call him angel cause there's no other word could describe him better.

It's unbelievable that in the past ten years, which ever company he worked for or joined went bankcrupt. Until two years ago, he found his current job and not until a fire burned down his new office a year ago. I would consider he's currently having a stable job at this moment.

Whatever he'd been gone thru was quite similar to what i went thru 12 years ago. For the total of 10 years, life'd been not so smooth. Anyway, i would believe after this year he will be alright and into very good luck or so. I would be very happy to see him well.

It's really funny that, he knows astrology but whatever happened to him was not into his calculation/predictions. He knows something's up but have no idea what it's. Unlike, his predictions on us, those were really accurate. Maybe that's what we called fairness. God's fair to everybody..and the angels also...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House hunting

Recently, been house hunting here and there... Ya.... It's time to change.. Change of my lifestyle... And of course with my sweetheart, ling. :)

Never have any commitment before... This is really a big big step to me. To me buying house is so so so difficult...long term..short term... Values etc... so so so messy since i got a messy mind...

Anyway, it's like what i asked my friend, angel, who's very into astrology, 'If i am gonna give you few words to conclude what you've learned from astrology, what would those words be?' he replied, 'eight words.' as below :


My translation to it or the way i look into it, is as what those americans i met before told me, 'Do your best and god will take care of the rest.' or sometimes my messy mind will translate it as 'Life sucks, savor it and I will see you in hell.' :P

Yes you, VK... This post is for you!

Wanna say something to a blogger, VK, from my area....

Yo! dont stop... Keep punching.. One thing that bloggers wouldnt do... 'Stop writing...!'



Back in 1980s

I am so happy that i found these two units, bicycle honks. If i remember correctly, the last time i saw them was back in 20 years when i was still young. Young and naive.

According to my friend, it's really hard to find them nowadays. He had tried many shops around the capital area but failed to locate any. He's looking for one to make his daughter happy. I'm very happy because... finally, he's gonna make his daughter happy because he'll be owning two units by tomorrow. :)

Gosh~ these small little things really make us happy... :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Funny SMS

My friend just sent me this by sms. I have no idea who the author's but anyhow..salute to the author.


Been 12 years

Wow~ 21 July twelve years back, i started my journey, leaving my country, to a place full of dreams... The American dreams. I was young and naive...for about 5 years.

Now, recall those memories, the strip joints, the dancing clubs, the cigars, the brandy, the mustang, the bungalow, Jose carreras' ... I feel like 'When the moon's full, the clouds are rising like the mountains in the transparent night.' - Anne Rice

Monday, July 20, 2009

孙子兵法 -始计篇 #1

道 - 政治修明
天 - 天象、天候
地 - 地形、地理
将 - 将帅的能力才识
法 - 纪律、制度、效率

haha..sorry dont think i'll translate it to english... Anyway, this post is about the first chapter of 'The art of war'. This chapter contains the strategy/thinking before a war begins. It's more into the considerations of winning or preparing a war or competition.

Five matters :
1st is something like the awareness and trusts between the society itself;

2nd about the change of the weather...anything sky above or temperature;

3rd will be the environment surrounding...

4th the capability of the leaders... Or the tools in some cases.

5th and the last one about the discipline of parties involved.. Including the highest rank. Discipline, Rules and Regulations(System) and Effectiveness.

Ooops! What did i do?

Stay tuned~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Would you mind pick that dump up?

Found out that recently, many people in this area starting to get themselves pets. Good thinking of course and dogs are their favorite choice. But before that please take the 101 lesson as below:

Lesson 101 : Would you pick its dump up after it finished dumping? Dont just leave it like that!!!!

Try this~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just for Fun

Guess... how did i do that?



Recently(last saturday), there are many moths flying around in this area. The most serious area is closed to the seaside where the owner of a restaurant caught them in three huge plastic bags. Imagine that, three plastic bags filled with moths.

This phenomena (if this is what we should call it) made me thinking of the rumors circulated in the internet about something bad will happen on 22 July. To me, 22 July is quite a big day... My love one's birthday and yes, there will be a total solar eclipse around 1033hrs for duration of 6 minutes.

For whatever could happen on 22 July, let's just wait and see. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Battery life for mobile phone

Again and again and again... It's come to my attention that most of the people i know suggested to me that not to charge my mobile phone before its battery's fully discharged else the battery would die very soon.however, I have a slightly different experience on this matter.

I have a Nokia Communicator 9500 back in 2005 which i charged its battery whenever i can in my car for the past three to four years. Up to now, it's still kicking and have a standby time of 8 days.

Currently, i am using a Nokia Communicator E90 (for 1 and a half years now) and still doing the same and dont see any sign of the 'dying' battery.

My point is... Time & technology'd changed!

About ChapPerLang (CPL)

ChapPerLang(CPL) is quite the same with HamPerLang(HPL) in the cantonese.

The different between them is... ChapPerLang(CPL) is messier than HamPerLang(HPL).

All in all, this site will contain anything in my 'brain' whenever i'm thinking of writing... I might write it in 华文 And maybe my 'poor' english... Or maybe my own language... :)

No worry... All you have to do is pardon me with my stupidity '...not a perfect person... but...continue learning..'

'Ka-ki Kong; Ka-Ki Song' in Hokkien :)

Most of the posts here are short and based on my personal opinions. Will take you around 3 mins to read them. Feel free to comment.


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