Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am a contradiction...

Look around or read thru my posts if you have time... I am sometimes or most of the time contradicting myself... I am a contradiction; life's a contradiction... Dont you think yourself too, a contradiction?

Like i said before, we are affraid of death, so we work, then if tomorrow we die; we got no problem, but then since we are affraid of death but then if tomorrow we die and we got no problem... What's the problem of living then? What are we worry about when we are still alive if tomorrow we die and we got no problem of dying?

Confusing isn't it? I'm lost and dont know what i am talking about up there? Thank you for your time..reading my posts... :P

My dying Nokia E90.. iPhone next

My 3-year-old Nokia E90 is dying and hopefully will get my iPhone by next week. Seriously, if the iPhone wasn't free, i wouldn't replace it with my E90. Now, just to cross my fingers so that i will get my free iPhone for next week and hopefully it will be doing what my E90 does.

Supposed to get the iPhone few months back but due to some issue with the supply. Again, not sure if will get it next week but let's wait and see.

My E90's dying... amen~ ave maria~

Very 'slow' day.. Still trying to recover from last night

Everytime after night job, will really need a long time to recover from it. Not sure if i am getting older or maybe it is just the way it is.. Can't remember... :-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still in tg18 area..golden sky around the area. Need to get ready for tonight activity..

Good thing vanished in sec... The golden sky is no longer here...

Traffic info : Elite to KLIA : Expect delay

Jam starts 5km b4 klia toll. Not sure what happen.

Unexpected twist.. Night job tonight

Will involve in another hardware replacement activity... Wonder why so many hardware issues.. Lousy hardware being used?

Working offsite.. Kpg

Another day working offsite. It has just becoming interesting.. Night job, offsite and working home.

Monday, June 28, 2010

赌 - 算了吧...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

骗局 Vs 奇迹 - swindle vs miracle

If something which it too good to be true came true, then it's miracle;
If something which it too good to be true turned one's down, then it's a swindle.

If building a castle in the sky becomes true, then it's a miracle else it's a swindle.

The probability of hitting a swindle's higher or hitting a miracle's higher... That's the question.

Sunday~ hello hello??? 'Network busy'

Woke up sunday morning with mobile services problem. Cant make call nor connect to data services since last night 9pm in the area. This is madness!!!!

新港 durian - Tawar

Sorry ah.. Only the outer view.. Inner have no idea... Just started its season. Can find it along the highway from/to 新港

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just in case somebody deserves a knock...Picture of a funny key chain.

Saw this funny key chain belongs to my friend. When asked what's the purpose of it?

He responded, 'bring it everywhere just in case somebody deserves a head...'

华教斗士 Year 2ks??

Talking about 华教斗士 at kopitiam, one uncle was wondering if there's any 华教斗士 left after 沈老?Another uncle responded, there's no 斗士.

Yo.. No offence it's just a personal view from ordinary ppl.


I promise will find a real local cow shit in the future instead of keep reusing this picture.

Hero, Good Man, Fine Artist, and Great Engineer

He who being called hero by the president's always six feet under by now;
He who being called a good man's always six feet under by now;
He who being called fine artist's always six feet under by now;
He who being called [put your good words plus a profession here]'s always six feet under by now...

I got it! This is how the world works...
I shall be called 'Great engineer' when i am six feet under then...

How to create a 'flip-flop'

'Flip-flop' can be easily created by stupidity.

Say NO to Gambling!!!!

Need to re-use this picture since i see them somewhere here...
No gambling of any kind!!!!!
Say NO to gambling!

Apple's iPhone4 BS with pictures: The correct way to hold your phone.

Can't get over it. These pictures told the whole thing. Why dont apple fix it rather than teaching us how to hold a mobile phone or spend extra $$$ for the stupid bumper? Integrity at stake!!! discrimination!!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

漏屎。。 How can these lousy ppl...

How can these lousy ppl claiming they are representing me? I am what i am, dont need their generosities.. Dont need you at all!!!! Hello world, they are not my representatives. They are just liars... Cause they dont represent me... Got it? Thank you!

Dont leave your masterpiece in ppl house; it might be just another trash to them..

That hurts.. My 3-days-AIed-script, a good one-a masterpiece to serve the subs better, has been deleted by the server owners. Gosh, recalling those keys i've been typing... What a waste... Good thing has shorter life. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


In the data center for 15mins still cant get connected to the wifi.. Damn it!!

Picture of a 'stripped' perodua; just in case you dont know what it is... It's a very expensive small car here. Costs about USD10k compare to a USD15k

Picture of a 'stripped' perodua; just in case you dont know what it is... It's a very expensive small car here. Costs about USD10k compare to a USD15k 4.6 Mustang GT.

What's good with this car? I have no idea but i do know ppl here are rich... What do you think?

Eh how can a toyota using a perodua oil filter?

Aiyaya, this is madness. The mechanic asked me why am i using perodua filter for a toyota? Are they compatible? I guess so cause been travelling with it for 8000km :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Looking for keys.. ZZzZzZzz still cant take that' thing out of my mind...

Been thinking for hours... Looking for keys and excuses.... How to deal with the big guy? How to negotiate with him later? I thought output of negotiation should be a win-win situation... In this case, i'm afraid not...

Stuck now... Where's the problem? Worry that i will convince myself and be biased.

Traced the whole night. Problems persisted. Doubts and uncertainties, ten engineers still have no idea what was hitting us. World cup traffic? Intensive traffic? Starting to consider it is a capacity issue but how much capacity needed? Give me a hint, would you?

Night job and my dinner...has been a long time

Have to go back to office tonight.. Thinking of the chair i used to sleep on..aiks...

Need something to compensate it.. My dinner... Vietnamese noodles, spring rolls and coffee..while thinking of my wife.. :-) and Yumyum

Feeding the baby with her leg..

Four gentlemen're sitting together chatting and comparing their wivies.

A: 'My wife's the best, she can take care of everything in the house.'
B: 'Only That? My wife can take care of everything... Inside and outside the house.'
C: 'My wife's the best. She doesnt need to take care of anything.'
D: 'No No No! My wife's the best. She can feed the babies with her single leg.'
A,B and C: 'Wow! but how?'
D: 'Every night, when baby cries, all she does's kicking me to remind me of wake up and feed the baby.'

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Durian season - another use of durian - for punishment...

This's an input from my aunt; there's an innovative way to punish irresponsible husbands during durian season -> ask them to kneel on the durian...haha poor fellowa.. That gotta hurt... :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our parents.. Have you noticed that they are getting older?

Most of us have ignored or have been in the state of denial that our parents are getting older. Of course, maybe we are just neglected the fact that they are getting older because we've been trying our best to make a living.

Things always have to wait until one day that you have to take a day off to fetch them or either visit them in the hospital and then starting from that moment you will start to wonder why and then you finally realize that they are getting older.

Happy fathers' day and yes... Fathers get older day by day. Parents indeed...Lastly, to fathers, you need to aware that you are getting older too so please put some control on your bad habits.

2010 world cup

Suddenly those used to be claimed as they knew football/soccer lost with shameful faces; those used to be claimed as 'lousy' ran around the field caused of victory. Leaving the remaining doubts to angry audiences...tapping calculators for the damage control.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Saturday morning~

Good morning. Heard that today is gonna have a big event. 5k ppl will be joining the dinner in the evening.

Emergency case: crazy drivers're Chasing the ambulance...

I have seen many cases of crazy drivers're chasing the ambulance during an emergency on the road.

Usually, these drivers cant stand the heavy traffic. So, whenever they saw an emergency case they'ld chased after the ambulance and sometimes even tailgated it.

Have you seen one?

Stuck in the jam..wondering why~

My italian friend, while stuck in the jam, was wondering the root cause of the traffic jam on this three lanes road... Traffic light???

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Must listen to what people..especially more than 5 ppl say so

Sometimes cant be stubborn... when one person say so, you can ignore that; when two persons say so, ask them to mind their own business; when five persons say so, start to reconsider your view; when ten persons say so, gosh you are so stubborn.. When everybody says so, argh you are so hopeless.

They really meant it, there's nothing you could do opening the cover!
Unless you wanna bring it down...

On duty @ data center

Vendors work in the data center.. Need to supervise them. Cant really do my work. Why everything has to trigger vendors? I would rather be in action myself... Ask me to sit here and watch..? Let me ask them if they got something for me so that can get out of here asap.


贪...唯有天谴 means heaven damn it!

Focus on the right track/goal - relationship.

Somebody asked me the other day ,'Just got married? Are you sure you got the right person?'

Want to make things clear before I proceed to my answer.

Up to this moment, it's not the question of right/wrong person I've married but how are we,my wife and I, gonna make it a loving and long lasting relationship. For sure there will be obstacles in between but making sure we are focusing on the right track/goal is more important than doubting whether we are the 1.

As show in the pix, The house lizard/wall gecko/wala lizard is already inside the plastic bag with full of bread.. What do you think it will eat? Do you think it's gonna think 'why dont i find the one full with mosquitos?'

Hope you got my point, i know house lizard might not eat the bread.

All in all, what kind of question's that? Of course my wife's the one!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tonight another Night job again~

Seriously bad for '气' i'm gonna try to find somebody to replace me tonight...

Tonight's dinner : 饭 与 粽子

Never tried this combination before.. Sort of funny... Rice and chinese 'dumpling'...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This bug and the computer bug~

A dead fly in the data center. Luckily it didnt cause havoc like the one we called 'computer bug'.

Frog's jumping *Poop~~~

Frog's thinking of jumping;
Frog's thinking of jumping;
Frog's willing to jump;
Frog's now jumping.. *ppOooPpp* *pPoooPp*
Frog's jumped into the deep dirty bucket...
And still jumping; jumping in the deep dirty bucket never reach the ground... *poooP* *pOoooP*


Heard that there is such food at tanjung sepat.. Anybody got any idea?

Just woke up~

Fresh but not fully recover...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally feeling sleepy~

终于有要睡的感觉了。。。 (zZ)/\/\/\/\/

asl? Remind me of old IRC age

'ASL?' was the favorite question in the irc channels. A=age; S=sex; L=location. Have you addicted to IRC before? Still remember those days we used to laugh at the computer screen? One to many conversations? Kick and ban; masskick the channel? Massban the channel? 'Slurring'? Aop/Sop? '#'ing around...??? It was the place where i learned my typing skill....

New Daily routine...

Recently, have a daily routine needed to be done. That will be telling my unborn baby, '这边是左边;这边是右边;这边是中间;这边是下边;', '爸爸爱你;妈妈爱你;公公爱你;婆婆爱你;外公爱你;外婆爱你;姑姑爱你;舅舅爱你;表哥爱你;表姐爱你.'Sort of funny but feel so sweet...making me thinking of the song by creed, 'with arms wide open'... :)

Breaking up; breakaway

Breaking up means you are getting closer to THE ONE...

Breaking away means you are FREE...

Take them as you are savoring manikam(money come)'s mee rojak.. Yum yum..

If i can count..

The fan might be able to make me sleep if i can count... Like counting the sheep... Previous image was using normal/long shutter speed. This image is using faster/shorter shutter speed..

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